Monday, January 17, 2011

39 weeks with twins!

I am now 39 weeks pregnant with twins. My belly is currently measuring at 51cm. I do not sleep well, I'm irritable and I am ready to have the twins...

But, I have gotten a lot out of this pregnancy to be thankful for. I was on bed rest for 2 1/2 weeks and though I am not on bed rest any longer, I do spend a lot of time in bed or sitting down. This has given me more time to connect with my other children. I have more time to really listen to what they are saying. I was so caught up in my pregnancy, work, household chores, etc...that sadly, they were being seen and not really "heard". So I started listening and was amazed at all the good stuff I was missing. My youngest can count to 10, my middle child sings "Twinkle Little Star" all by himself, but adds his own spin on it and my oldest has expressed a new found interest in ice skating and art.

So while this pregnancy has taxed my body more than any of my other pregnancies have, it has forced me to slow down and listen to what is going on around me. life, my children. It is sometimes so easy to miss the simple joys in life...the wonderful hugs and kisses from my children, for instance, because I get caught up and worried and involved in something else.

I can say that over the past month of really being there for my children has renewed their excitement in their new siblings. They no longer feel pushed aside or as if they are being replaced, but now feel that they really belong to a family and that family is just being made bigger with more people to love and love them back.

So I urge you, when times are hectic and you are worrying a lot about work, money, or anything like stop and look around you. Sit on the floor and be with your children and listen to them. They have a way of making everything seem so simple, and really it is. It's all about just being present in the moment.

And when you are present in the moment, things just have a way of working themselves out.