Saturday, October 2, 2010

Formula is good for...beetles??

It's true!  At least in the case of Similac!!

The latest debacle was Similac and its formulas that could contain bug parts or bug larvae.  The consumers were "reassured" that ingesting this formula, even if it was tainted, would not cause harm.

I have to whole-heartedly disagree here.  Do they mean to tell me that a newborn who has a "new" digestive system is not going to get sick off of these bugs parts/larvae?  Well, there have been numerous reports of babies getting sick!  "Mild gastrointestinal distress" sounds like no big deal, right?  Until you know what it's like to be up all night with a baby who is suffering from such a mild discomfort.  And if a parent has been feeding the contaminated lot for several days and this is on-going...well, no fun for the parents or the babies.

According to Abbot Laboratories, 99.8% of the lot was uncontaminated/unaffected.  But, the recall affects 5 MILLION containers.  And if 99.8% if them were fine...that's still 10,000 CONTAMINATED containers.  While the number doesn't sound very high, that's about 10,000 families/babies who were using contaminated formula (including hospitals).  

Why did it take Similac one week to notify everyone.?  But my other question would be more along the lines of: why are they releasing such an important product without testing the lot prior to distribution to verify its safety?

Even if you are not a formula feeding parent, you should be outraged at this.  There shouldn't be "well, that's why you should breastfeed...".  It should be outrage and supporting your local representatives, etc to crack down on manufacturers of baby formula to have tighter, more strict, quality control.

Get on top of your congressperson and state representative and make sure that the formula companies do not buy their way out of this.  And be sure to keep an ear out for a response to the Iowa Senator Tom Harkin's letter to Similac.  He gave them until October 7th to respond.

Do not let the formula companies get away with this.  If you formula feed and you did not get a tainted lot, you should still protest this.  There are far too many babies out there who depend on the sustenance of formula to ignore this problem.

You can make a difference, but you have to speak up.  There is a Facebook page dedicated to this and a New Orleans mom who has begun a class-action lawsuit against Similac (and Sam's Club).

Have you purchased Similac and need to know if the lot you purchased was affected?  Here is a list of the lot numbers that were recalled:  Similac Recalled Lot Numbers

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