Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Shock of the Twins

So, a few months ago, my husband and I agreed that we were done having kids.  My husband was making arrangements to take one for the team and I spent my days getting rid of all our baby stuff, all the maternity clothes, everything.

Of course, within a few weeks of having given away the very last item, I started to feel pregnant.  I told my husband that we were going to have a 4th child joining us and while we were a bit shocked, we settled into the thought of a bigger family.  A couple weeks later, I started having heavy bleeding and cramping (which I never get) and so I figured that the pregnancy was just not meant to be.  I bled for 5 days--although I noticed that there were really no clots/tissue/etc.  I decided that it was probably forthcoming and I would just need to relax and "allow the process".  But, the bleeding stopped...and my belly grew.  At this point, I was concerned that there may be something wrong, so I booked an appointment with my OB and went in almost a week later (knowing that if any other changes were to happen--severe cramping, fever, etc. it was ER time).

I had a blood test done and the doctor said, "Are you sure you had a miscarriage?  Your HcG levels are still really high...and are you sure about your last menstrual cycle?"  I assured her that there was no way it was implantation bleeding (it was way too heavy, went on for too long and was accompanied by a lot of cramps)...and yes, my LMC was right on.

So, she sent me to the hospital to get an ultrasound.  Since I had to schedule with the hospital, it took another week to get an appointment.  By this time, it had been almost 3 weeks since my bleeding and my belly grew more and I figured I had a vanishing twin.

On the morning of my appointment, I checked in and went into the Ultrasound room.  I laid down on the table, endured the freezing cold gel on my belly and looked at the screen.  I about fainted when the tech asked if I knew I was carrying twins.  TWINS?  I started crying, "But, I already have 3 am I going to deal with twins?"  She looked at me and smiled and said, "Hey, they look pretty good to me."  And then I told her about the bleeding and the cramping.  I could have sworn it was a miscarriage.  How could there still be twins?  Is it possible to have all that bleeding and cramping and not miscarry either one?  She didn't really know the answer...until....

She was measuring the twins (to tell gestational age) and came across a 3rd sac.  Yes, a 3rd.  It was misshapen and she looked at me and said, "Well, it is possible there were 3 and you actually did have a miscarriage.  This is a sac of's not as big as the other ones, but you said you had the bleeding and cramping about 3 weeks ago..."

I couldn't even say anything.  Triplets.  All 3 in their own, individual sacs.  What are the odds?  On one hand, I was sad to lose one...a miscarriage is not easy.  But, on the other hand, I was suddenly relieved I "only" had twins.  It's amazing at how a change in circumstances changes your perspective.

So, yes, now...we have 3 beautiful children (8, 3 1/2, and 2) and are having 2 more beautiful children (due in January 2011).  It'll be a full house, but at least we won't be bored--although I must admit that it took a couple months for me to not feel so overwhelmed and to start getting excited about the twins.  And, yes, my husband is seizing the moment and getting fixed soon so we won't have to have another shock like this next year.  :)

I do plan on having a homebirth for my twins.  I am not above getting a C-Section if needed, as I know twin births can have a higher incidence of something going wrong.  But, I am fully preparing for a  homebirth...I'll deal with the rest later.

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  1. Congrats!! My youngest sister just had twins in April, and it was quite a shock! I'm fully convinced that she could have had them naturally, but her ob was on vacation when she went into labor and the doc in charge decided on a csection pretty much as soon as she checked into the hospital. Argh.
    Much luck to you w/ your twinnie (that's what I call the twins) homebirth! :)